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Timetable 2018

Lake Ossiach Navigation

The following timetable is valid from June 24th to September 2nd.
Timetables for the rest of the rest of the season will be linked down below. 

You'll also find a table of our prices at the end of the page or in our leaflet

Lake Ossiach navigation ship timetable summer 2018

Timetable Lake Ossiach Early Summer:  May 20th to June 23rd

Timetable Lake Ossiach Summer:           June 24th to September 2nd

Timetable Lake Ossiach Late Summer:   September 3rd to September 16th

Timetable Lake Ossiach Autumn             September 17th to October 7th

Timetable Lake Ossiach Post Season     October 8th to October 14th 

Lake Ossiach tour prices 2018
Lake Ossiach Oneway Trip prices 2018