Ship stations around Lake Ossiach.

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Shipstations lake ossiach

Our landing stages along the lake

 Aboard the MS Ossiach, relaxing is easy with the beautiful landscape passing by.

We're offering a fun cruise, where you can leave the ship on any station you like, check out local sightseeing spots or acitivities and hop aboard again later.
We operate stations in St. Andrä, Annenheim, Sattendorf, Berghof, St.Urban, Bodensdorf, Ossiach and Steindorf.

Enjoy your time aboard

Our many stations where you can board or leave the ship are well-placed to explore the lake and the attractions surrounding it. 

Enjoy coffee, ice cream or other snacks aboard - for perfect relaxation on lake Ossiach.

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Ship stations of the MS Ossiach -
navigation on Lake Ossiach

A boat trip on the lake Ossiach makes your stay in the region perfect: Enjoy the landscape and the relaxing atmosphere on the lake.
Our shipstations are the perfect starting points to explore the lake and its surroundings.